With the exhibition "Zymske wjasela - Winter Pleasures", the Wendish Museum provides insights into the traditions of Lower Lusatia at winter time.
The winter joys begin with all kinds of customs as early as the end of November, beginning of December, are grouped around the Christian Christmas festival in December and extend into February, until Ash Wednesday. The appearance of the Christ Child from Jänschwald, the setting up of the Christmas tree, the baking of New Year's cookies, the community gathering Woklapnica, the bird wedding and the Zapust with a carnival and parade are still highlights of tradition, each celebrated in a regionally specific way.
The exhibition features paintings and watercolours by Wendish and Lusatian painters, including Paul During (on loan), Fritz Lattke, Carlo Nowak, Jan Buck and Dieter Zimmermann (on loan). Wood engravings from the Historical Prints Collection show winter impressions from the Spreewald. Various exhibits on winter crafts such as basket weaving and flax spinning are symbolic of the lived customs. The typical twisting tree as a historical Christmas decoration is also on display.
The works of art and objects on display bear witness to times gone by. Film clips report on the present.
A listening station with stories about Advent by Ingrid Hustädt - for small and big children - tells of possible and impossible events in the Christmas parlour.