Erwin Strittmatter Memorial "The Shop" Bohsdorf / Wopomnišćo Erwina Strittmattera "Loda" Bóšojce

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Local history memorial with literary-historical collection - original setting of the well-known novel trilogy "Der Laden" (The Shop)

Building / plot situation

The brick residential building with shop and attached bakery at Dorfstraße 37 was built around 1895 and acquired by Strittmatters' parents from relatives in June 1919. The village shop and bakery were run by the family until 31 December 1949. Since 30 January 1999, "Der Laden" has been open to the public as a museum memorial.


"The shop" - as an authentic place of Erwin Strittmatter's and his family's work - is modelled on the sales facilities of the 1920s and 1930s using original equipment, with individual exhibits dating from the post-war period. This historic village or "colonial goods shop" forms the core of the Bohsdorf memorial. In the adjoining room, which once belonged to the bakery, there is a small exhibition on the family, the historical setting of the "Laden" trilogy and the work of Erwin Strittmatter.
The exhibition area has now been extended to the former living rooms. In the media room, the former boys' dormitory, it is now possible to watch films about Erwin Strittmatter or listen to the audio books "Laden 1-3" and "Pony Pedro" read by Erwin Geschonneck.
Since 2014, the exhibits of the former "Ochsenkutscher" (exhibition of the Krechlock family in Jerischke) have been located in the barn of the Strittmatter property.

Special exhibitions / accompanying offers

  • In the meeting place, groups are given the opportunity to experience slide or video presentations around film production (Jo Beyer) (video presentation 8,- €).
  • Guided circular walk: For interested visitors, a 1.7 km signposted circular walk is marked in Bohsdorf, along which other historical sites of the novel trilogy can be visited. Guided walks of 1 or 2 hours are organised for groups of 10 or more by prior arrangement.

Offers for children - With Kobi to the museum

Kobi - the little house ghost - is at home in the museum. He lives there in a slipper under the stove. At midnight, he eavesdrops on the old museum pieces when they tell stories about the past. He tells these exciting stories to the museum staff, who then pass them on to the children - stories from the old, old days.

Kobi offer:

 On the trail of Erwin Strittmatter in Bohsdorf

Children and young people are to be familiarised with the life and work of the poet Erwin Strittmatter at authentic locations in Bohsdorf, receive their first ideas about the beauty of his language and be encouraged to read his works.

  • Guided tour of the shop
  • Documentaries on the life and work of the writer Erwin Strittmatter
  • Quiz with prizes
  • Painting/drawing in the courtyard or in the "Unter Eechen" meeting place

The programme takes place indoors and outdoors and is aimed at students in grades 5 to 12.
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: at least 2 weeks in advance


  • Guided tour of the shop approx. 45 minutes
  • Documentaries on the life and work of the writer Erwin Strittmatter approx. 1 hour
  • Painting/drawing in the courtyard or in the meeting place "Unter Eechen".
  • approx. 2 to 3 hours

Group size: up to 30 people
Admission per person: € 2.50
Children and teenagers: 0,50 €

NoteThe offer also comes to the school on request.
Prerequisite: DVD player should be available

Erwin Strittmatter Memorial Bohsdorf



Erwin Strittmatter Memorial "The Shop" Bohsdorf / Wopomnišćo Erwina Strittmattera "Loda" Bóšojce
Village road 37
OT Bohsdorf / Bóšojce
03130 Felixsee / Feliksowy jazor

Phone: 035698 - 221
Fax: 035698 - 859427
E - Mail:

Opening hours
24 June - 31 October 2021
Thursday and Friday
13:00 till 16:00
Saturday and Sunday and public holidays
11:00 till 16:00
Monday to Wednesday closed

The shop is closed from November to mid-March

Registrations are possible at any time, also outside opening hours, under 035698 221 or email:

Adults: € 3.00
Reduced: € 0.50 (children)

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Offers for children
To the museum with Kobi