Since only a few visitors had the opportunity to view the photo exhibition due to CORONA, we are presenting it to our guests once again in a modified, expanded form. Wuglĕdy - Perspectives shows urban life between customs and change, progress and tradition. Contrasting pictorial styles, set apart from each other, bring together views of contemporary Wendish life.
Culture. Thematically opposed, but closely linked in their respective fascination. Progress and change. Photographs of traditional costume fashion by the Lower Lusatian designer Sarah Gwiszcz. Staged in large format, garish, controversial. Presented by four models of international origin living in Cottbus. Tradition and customs. Photographs of the Dissen cock plucking, representative of lived Wendish culture. Silhouette-like. Hard to place in time. Photographs of the donning of traditional costumes. Colourful, authentic, close. Symbolic of efforts for authenticity and permanence.