Heimatstube Gahry / Domowniska śpa Gari



Village museum with historical collection from everyday rural life

Building / plot situation

The manor house in Gahry was restored from 2003 to 2005 under the supervision of a monument conservator. It is not clear exactly when it was built. In 1910, Gneomar von Natzmer (Jun.) bought the manor house, colloquially known as the castle, from the Dorendorff family, who were in financial difficulties. Presumably the rear extension and the castle pond were built afterwards. Work also began on the park. After the end of the war, the von Natzmer family was expropriated and resettled families were housed in the manor house. From 1952 to 1978, the Gahry school combine was located in the building. The after-school care centre remained in the castle until 2001. Today there are 5 flats in the castle, and since 2016 a wedding room and a local history room.


The Heimatstube (local history room), whose content is based on the work of teachers such as Georg Unger and Gerhard Minke, is located in the rooms of the former after-school care centre in Gahry Castle. The room is divided into the areas of household, trade, crafts, school and agriculture. Every little detail has been thought of in the furnishings - whether a few stalks of grain in the milk jug, a chamber pot under the children's bed or old school utensils on the school desk.

Special exhibitions / accompanying offers

At the moment there are no special exhibitions, visits only by appointment with the head of the village Mr. Vatter, Tel.(035695) 7627

Gahry Local History Room / Domowniska śpa Gari
(at Gahry Castle)
Gahryer Main Street 5
03149 Meadow ground

Website: Office Döbern-Land

Opening hours
Only by appointment with the local mayor
Mr Vatter
Phone: 035695-7627


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