In 1927, the Guben cloth manufacturer Erich Wolf commissioned the Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to build an innovative residential house in the Guben mountains. The country house, designed in the Bauhaus style, stands at the beginning of a series of remarkable building designs and is today regarded as a key work for the architect's later work. The site of the former villa is located on a hill parallel to the banks of the Neisse River. The front of the house faced west. From there, one could and can enjoy a wide view of the river valley. In 1945, the villa burned down completely and the ruins were demolished. Only remains of the retaining wall on the embankment have been preserved. The special exhibition on Villa Wolf aims to provide information in words and pictures about the current status of the reconstruction of Villa Wolf - an exhibition by photographer Lars Wiedemann in cooperation with the City and Industry Museum.
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