"Alte Mühle" Proschim / "Stary młyn" Prožym

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Agricultural technology and the rural way of life

Building / plot situation

The exhibition can be experienced in the rooms of a mill building erected at the beginning of the 20th century, the electrically operated successor to the former trestle windmill at the same location. The red brick building complex - in the arrangement a closed four-sided courtyard - has been completely renovated on the "outer shell" (roof / façade / windows) in recent years.


The exhibition activities of the association "Traditionelle Landtechnik und bäuerliche Lebensart Proschim e.V." (Traditional Agricultural Technology and Rural Way of Life Proschim) focus on regional folklore. In the exhibition rooms of the mill, visitors can see an exhibition of rural furniture, domestic tools, small-scale agricultural technology and village crafts. The collection of historical agricultural technology is of particular importance beyond the region. In the exhibition, reference is made to the Sorbian / Wendish roots through bilingual labelling. The mill technology, which is still partly preserved on site, is included in the presentation.

Special exhibitions / accompanying offers

An annual special exhibition is held at the village festival.
The exhibition is regularly rearranged, for example to show newly acquired exhibits.

  • Action days with demonstrations of agricultural technology, historical household appliances, food processing and much more.
  • The exhibition and event concept of the association also includes the inclusion of particularly original properties; on special occasions, such as the "Landpartie", the "German Mill Day", village festivals and other festive days, the objects are open and the private properties together with collection items are presented as an "open farm".
  •  On request, museum educational programmes and lectures on a wide range of topics are held for schoolchildren as well as in the context of rural adult education.

Offers for children - With Kobi to the museum

Kobi - the little house ghost - is at home in the museum. There he lives in the slipper under the stove. At midnight he eavesdrops on the old museum pieces when they tell stories about the past. He tells these exciting stories to the museum staff, who then tell them to the children - stories from the old, old days.

Kobi offers:

Exhibition of agricultural technology and peasant way of life:

An excursion into regional folklore through small-scale farming techniques and village life and crafts.

Ground floor: history of the mill and the village of Proschim as well as exhibition of mill models and grist mills

1st floor: straw processing, churning butter, baking, cereals, preserving crops, laundry, living quarters, kitchen, childcare, textiles, saddlery machine

2nd floor: potato cultivation, soil cultivation, garden tools, shoemaking, weaving, spinning, beekeeping, lift and transmission

Farm: small animal husbandry, home slaughtering, bakery, laundry cleaning, bicycle exhibition

The programme takes place in the "Alte Mühle" and on the Mühlenhof. It is aimed at pupils in grades 1 to 12.
Pre-registration: one week before
Duration: approx. 2 hrs.
Group size: 10 to 40 people
Admission per person: € 1.50

"Old Mill" Proschim


"Alte Mühle" Proschim / "Stary młyn" Prožym
Mill path 56
OT Proschim / Prožym
03119 Welzow / Wjelcej

Phone: 035751 - 2113
Fax: 035751 - 20543
Website: www.proschim-online.de

Opening hours
Guided tours and museum visits can be arranged at any time by prior appointment by telephone.
It is also possible to entertain groups of visitors at the "Alte Mühle".

Adults: € 1.00
Reduced: € 0.50

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To the museum with Kobi