"Old School" Graustein / "Stara šula" Syjk

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Where Strittmatter went to school

Building / plot situation

The church, in the middle of the village green with its slate-roofed tower and the gilded weather vane with the cockerel, is the landmark of the village. In its immediate vicinity is the "Old School", which is also the community centre. Erwin Strittmatter, Spremberg's most famous son, was enrolled in this school in 1919. The stone that gave the village its name is also right next to the church.


The former classroom houses two exhibitions, "Strittmatter and Graustein" and "School in Strittmatter's Time".

Special exhibitions / accompanying offers

  • Village nature trail with 14 stations / for school groups picture rally "In the footsteps of Strittmatter in Graustein".
  • Sportlerklause
  • Connection to the cycle path

Offers for children - With Kobi to the museum

Kobi - the little house ghost - is at home in the museum. There he lives in the slipper under the stove. At midnight he eavesdrops on the old museum pieces when they tell stories about the past. He tells these exciting stories to the museum staff, who then tell them to the children - stories from the old, old days.

Kobi offer:

In the footsteps of Erwin Strittmatter in Graustein

The former classroom of the "Old School" houses two exhibitions: "Strittmatter and Graustein" and "School in Strittmatter's Time". In addition, there is the possibility to go on the picture rally "In the footsteps of Strittmatter in Graustein". Various tasks have to be solved in small groups in order to learn more about the writer's childhood years in Graustein, as well as interesting facts about the nature and history of the place and the region. In the picture folder, some stations are also covered with literary excerpts from Erwin Strittmatter's "Shop Trilogy".

The programme takes place indoors and outdoors and is aimed at pupils in grades 3 to 8.
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: 2 weeks before
Duration: approx. 2.5 hrs.
Group size: up to 20 people

"Old School" Graustein


"Old School" Graustein / "Stara šula" Syjk
An der Dorfaue 1
OT Greystone / Syjk
03130 Spremberg / Grodk

Phone: 03563 - 348231
E-mail: strittmatterstube-graustein@stadt-spremberg.de

Opening hours
Please call in advance if you would like to visit!


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Offers for children
To the museum with Kobi