Internship at the Noßdorfer Wassermühle e.V.

Internship at the Noßdorfer Wassermühle e.V.

Category : Current

For reliable, interested and committed pupils of the grammar school, there is the possibility to do an internship at the Noßdorfer Wassermühle e.V. all year round. The interns can expect the following tasks:

  • Archiving historical documents
  • Inventory
  • Labelling of the historical tools and equipment
  • Sewing historical clothing
  • Guided tour of the Heimatstube and exhibitions


Internship locations:

  • Exhibition "Cockcrow and Village Chirp" in Karlstraße, Forst (Lausitz)
  • Old location of the Heimatstube, Kölziger Weg 1, Noßdorf
  • New location of the Heimatstube, Noßdorfer Str. 25


Förderverein Noßdorfer Wassermühle e.V.
Noßdorfer Str. 14
03149 Forest

Phone: (03562) 90 168
Fax: (03531) 608012


Contact person:

Mr Günter Andreck (Head of Heimatstube)
Tel. 0160 97675520

Ms Jeanette Jentsch (Marketing Wassermühle e.V.)
Tel. 0170 9374372