Castle Play in the Lower Lusatian Heath Museum Spremberg

The castle game is a search and orientation game of the museum. Dressed up in medieval costumes, we go in search of previously photographed exhibits. If all of them are found, including an old key, then we can use it to open the treasure chest. There is brief information about the objects found. In this way, all areas of the house are illuminated and the purpose of a museum is explained.

Different tasks have to be solved according to the age of the participants.

The offer takes place indoors and is aimed at pupils in grades 1 to 7.
Group size: 5 to 20 people
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: 5 days before at the latest
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Admission per person: € 2.00

In case of a larger class size, it is necessary to divide the class. Therefore, please allow 1/2 hour more time.

Lower Lusatian Heath Museum Spremberg