Fossils up close and personal - a special kind of leap back in time to the Eemian Warm Period in the open-air museum "Zeitsprung" Klinge

The open-air museum shows a picture-book sequence of layers from the last two ice ages and the intervening Eemian warm period in a very special way. Many fossil animal and plant finds have made this area famous since 1891. You can experience history at first hand in the walk-through archaeological monument, along the circular path, on the adventure trail and in the dome building, and transport yourself back to the Eemian warm period about 128,000-115,000 years ago. Many information boards can be explored, and in the "Fossilium" - our excavation workshop - fossils can be searched for under guidance. Just like real geologists do, all the finds are pasted, identified and labelled on an excavation report.

Further information on the offer:
A guided tour of the open-air museum is followed by work in the "Fossilium". Depending on the size of the class, work can be done in two to three groups, see "Supplementary offers" (duration approx. 2 hrs).

The programme takes place outdoors and is aimed at students in grades 5 to 12.
Dates: by arrangement from March to October between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Pre-registration: one week before at the latest
Admission per person: € 2.00

Complementary offers:
Depending on the class level, puzzle rally, casting and painting fossils, information about the formation of lignite.

Open-air museum "Zeitsprung" Klinge

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