From 9 January to 9 May 1929, the painter Max Rabes travelled to America with the Bulgarian Prince Cyril, where he was accompanied through the USA and Cuba by the married couple Gerta and William von Einem. Four people influenced by old Europe experience the "New World" together. On their journey, they encounter American high society. From President Hoover to newspaper czar Randolph Hearst and Max Schmeling to actors such as Douglas Fairbanks, the rich and famous are part of their society. They visit places that are still famous today, such as Mar-A-Lago or the Ford factories in Detroit, and sense the new spirit, but also the mood just before the Great Depression.

For decades, dark blue boxes containing the photographic estate of the once famous Oriental painter were stored in an old flat in Berlin. Five boxes contain original prints, postcards, maps, museum guides and diary entries from his trip to America.

Thanks to Mrs Dorothea Kühl-Martini, we are delighted to be able to exhibit this treasure in Hornow Castle, the last authentic and publicly accessible place where Max Rabes worked (he "painted" the dining room in 1901).

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