Open-air area "Stary lud" / Wobceŕk pód gołym njebjom "stary lud"


Stary lud - An encounter with the ancient people

Zmakanje ze starym ludom


Slavs settled in Lusatia 1000 years ago. The open-air site "Stary lud" takes its visitors back to this time. It was the Lusitzi and Milzen people who settled here. Historical evidence shows that they lived in earth pit houses. The five faithfully recreated dwellings give the impression that their owners still reside there. It seems to the visitor that the weaver has just clamped the loom and hung dyed wool to dry. The visitor sees a clay pot at work and can discover small offerings in the sacred grove. On some days you can see glass beads being made in a pit. The blacksmith's workplace can also be seen. Weapons are safely stored in the warrior's house. Through the vivid objects in the small settlement, visitors succeed in recreating the life of 1000 years ago.

Location and architecture

The open-air facility is located at the back of the local history museum and the Dissen church. The open-air facility was opened as a project of the Dissen Museum of Local History in May 2013.


At the opening of the season in mid-May, at the end of the season and at Whitsun, residents temporarily move into all the earth pit houses. Actors who organise festivals pitch their tents. Participants in the "Festival of the Slavic Middle Ages" and the "Warriors' Weekend" come not only from Germany but from all over Europe.

The open-air site is part of the Dissen local history museum. Various projects are offered. Old handicraft techniques such as dyeing with natural dyes, weaving techniques, blacksmithing, jewellery design and more can be learned here.


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Guided tours and museum visits are also possible outside opening hours by appointment.

Adults: 5,50 €
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Costs for projects and Kobi offers on request

Disabled WC, the open-air area "stary lud" is barrier-free

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