Holländermühle Turnow / Holandaŕski młyn Turnow

A mill without wings, but with a grain silo

Building / plot situation

The mill in Turnow-Preilack is located on the so-called Galgenberg in the district of Turnow. At its core, it is a Dutch windmill from 1858, which was converted into a motorised mill in 1936. The characteristic windmill blades were dismantled. Unique in the region is the addition of the grain silo with five chambers from 1939. The silo was used to store grain. Until 1976, flour for baking bread was also ground in the mill for surrounding villages.


Visitors learn interesting facts about the history and function of a mill here. The Turnow mill is an example of the transition from windmill technology to motor-driven operation. The interesting old mill technology and the over 100-year-old functioning lift can be seen.


Cultural events take place in the mill several times a year. On the occasion of the German Mill Day, the Holländermühle Turnow opens its doors. Two millers will guide visitors through the mill on both Whitsun days. The old grinding technology with its five floors offers many interesting things for young and old.


Dutch Mill Turnow / Holandaŕski młyn Turnow
Expansion windmill 5
OT Turnow / Turnow
03185 Turnow-Preilack / Turnow-Pśiłuk

Phone: 0355 29073140
E-mail: info@muehle-turnow.de
website: www.muehle-turnow.de

Opening hours
from the beginning of May to the end of September every Saturday from 14:00 to 17:00.

On the other days, visits are possible by appointment.

Miller Karl Dubrau Tel.: 0355 873663

Hobby miller Bernd Franz Tel.: 035601 24545

3,00 € per person, children up to 6 years free

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