Museum "Am Pulverturm" Peitz / Muzej "Pśi pulbjerowem tormje" Picnjo

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A tour through the history of the town and fortress of Peitz

Building / plot situation

The museum, a town house built at the beginning of the 19th century, is located in the historic centre of the town of Peitz. This area includes the terrain of the former citadel and the former moat and rampart area of the town fortifications. In recent years, members of the Historical Society of Peitz have renovated the building to make it a listed building and set up a museum on the history of the town and fortress of Peitz.


The presentation is essentially divided into five thematic areas:

  • Bronze Age: Visitors learn how the people of Lusatia lived about 4000 years ago.
  • Germanic period: Hardly anyone knows that the Germanic tribe of Burgundians once settled in the area of the Lusatian Neisse.
  • Middle Ages: Guests can explore here how people lived in Peitz in the Middle Ages and what torture methods were common at that time.
  • Guardroom: Here you can gain interesting insights into a lansquenet guardroom of the 30 Years' War.
  • Fortress era: Interested visitors are transported back to the 16th century, when the Peitz fortress was built between 1559 and 1562. The 2 x 2 metre model of the fortress from 1758, which is true to the original, can be admired.

Special exhibitions / accompanying offers

  • On request, museum educational programmes with a wide variety of themes are offered for schoolchildren.
  • Members of the association in historical garb take their guests on an exciting and entertaining guided tour through the history of the town and fortress of Peitz.

Offers for children - With Kobi to the museum

Kobi - the little house ghost - is at home in the museum. There he lives in the slipper under the stove. At midnight he eavesdrops on the old museum pieces when they tell stories about the past. He tells these exciting stories to the museum staff, who then pass them on to the children - stories from the old, old days.

Kobi offers: none


Photos: Christoph Malcherowitz

Museum "Am Pulverturm" Peitz
Muzej "Pśi pulbjerowem tormje" Picnjo
Wall road 14
03185 Peitz / Picnjo

Phone: 035601 - 33307

Opening hours
Guided tours and museum visits are possible at any time by appointment.

Guided tour 1.5 hours in historical costume
Small groups up to 5 persons flat rate € 25.00
from 6 persons: Adults € 4.00/Children € 2.00