City tour and city rally at the Brandenburg Textile Museum Forst

For once, the children experience our home town of Forst (Lausitz) very attentively, walk through old streets and learn a lot about the history of the once so vibrant textile town. Why do some streets still have small railway tracks today? The children have the opportunity to go on a search for clues. They are given interesting clues to specific buildings or facilities they are looking for. With this information, they can find the building they are looking for - and to finally solve the riddle, they take a photo of it.

In addition, we can organise the crypt (€1.00) and/or an ascent to the tower (€2.50) in the Stadtkirche. These costs are then payable to the Stadtkirche.

The offer takes place indoors and outdoors and is aimed at schoolchildren.
of classes 3 to 6.
Dates: by arrangement
Advance booking: at least 1 week in advance
Duration: approx. 2 to 2.5 hours
Group size: 5 to 30 people
Admission per person: € 3.50

Brandenburg Textile Museum Forst