"How a hat is made" - film screening on the making of a hat in the Guben City and Industry Museum

As part of a visit to the museum, children and young people are shown a film (DVD) about the production of hats in the former VEB Hutwerke Guben. The film complements the exhibition by illustrating the hard work involved in hat production (film duration approx. 20 minutes).

The offer takes place indoors and is aimed at
Pre-school children and pupils up to grade 10.
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: at least 2 days in advance
Duration: 1 to 2.5 hours
Group size: 5 to 30 people
Admission per person: € 1.50 (Guben schools and day-care centres have free admission)
A contribution towards expenses of € 15.00 will be charged for the film screening.

Guben City and Industrial Museum