Where are the skilled workers of tomorrow?

Where are the skilled workers of tomorrow?

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Where are the skilled workers of tomorrow?
Can this be successful at all? More and more pupils are leaving school without qualifications. And everyone is complaining about a shortage of skilled workers, and there is obviously a particular shortage in the skilled trades. In order to counteract this trend a little, the Archaeotechnical Centre Welzow and the Vocational Orientation Secondary School Spremberg have set out in the EU's newly launched vocational preparation project: from 8 to 17 May 2023, they will jointly carry out a PraxisBO project (practical vocational orientation). For one week, 18 pupils will get to know different professions as part of the "Craft & Home Economics" project. These, well over half of whom have special educational needs in learning and emotional and social development, will meet children with a migration background, a girl without German language skills and supposedly "normal" people. All together they visit a learning experience farm, a carpentry workshop and a farm. In the "Kreativum" tailoring workshop in the village, they do their own work. The young people build a nature observation stand, make creel combs for weaving colourful wool braids and learn to make jewellery out of metal. A herb educator teaches them how to use and handle herbs. Learning interviewing practices is also important in preparing for professional life. The interviews worked out are documented and exhibited at the final presentation. To record what they have experienced, the young people also make learning diaries in which they can write notes about the week. The workload is enormous. And it is precisely for this reason that many participants are always surprised that long and strenuous work can bring joy and a sense of fulfilment. This is rarely experienced by those concerned at school. The participants of the project stay overnight at the estate in Neupetershain. They are catered for in a sustainable and healthy way by the atz. A lecture, various handicraft workshops such as weaving and braiding, as well as an evening visit to the animals of the forest in the Greifenhainer district round off the programme of this week. On 17 May 2023 at 6 p.m., the project will be presented to the parents in the atz and a self-produced film made of video clips and photos of the events of these days will be shown for the first time. Without the support of the project, such a complex week of preparation for working life would not be possible. The PraxisBO project is funded by the European Social Fund. The European Social Fund is Europe's most important instrument for promoting employment. It promotes equal opportunities on the labour market, supports people in accessing better jobs and in vocational training and qualification. In the state of Brandenburg, the ESF funding programme will promote transparency and communication in the funding period 2022 to 2027. In this way, the ESF also contributes to combating poverty and strengthening social cohesion.

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