Between history and the present

The museums in the district

The district of Spree-Neiße, located in Lower Lusatia, is characterised by the historical settlement area of the Sorbs/Wends, mining, former industrial sites and natural features such as the Spreewald. This natural and cultural heritage is cultivated by the museums.

The more than 40 museum institutions in the district of Spree-Neiße see, in addition to the basics of their work such as collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and mediating, more and more of their tasks in the areas of leisure and tourism as well as in the promotion of cultural identity. In today's world, they see themselves as places of lively debate between history and the present.


The Lusatian Museum Land

In the future, however, the increasing demands on museum institutions can only be mastered with the help of new strategies, modern technology and functioning networks. For this reason, with the help of the "Region in Action" project, a museum network was initiated in 2006 which supports, documents and presents the work of the many individual institutions - the Lusatian Museum Land. By networking museum activities, it is possible for the museums to advance scientific and cultural projects while maintaining their individual orientation.


Digital inventory

For example, it was possible to make progress in archiving and documentation as core tasks and indispensable basis of the museums' scientific work. Through the widespread use of the internet platform "museum-digital", a project of museums for the joint digital publication and inventory of museum data, exhibits and inventories are digitally archived, managed and made synergetically usable.


Cultural engagement

Within the structure of the Lusatian Museum Land, it will continue to be possible to promote and develop existing cultural initiatives such as the "Lusatian Museum Night" with great success.


Professional presentation

With the brand "Lusatian Museum Land", public relations work can be intensified at the same time. A professional image, the presentation on a joint internet portal and other measures create an improved perception. This presence and the use of new technical possibilities will also make the museums' work easier.


Common goals

The network "Lusatian Museum Land" makes it possible to experience the high status that museum institutions have in the cultural landscape of the district of Spree-Neiße. It is the common goal of the museums and the district of Spree-Neiße to secure and expand this status in times of scarce financial and personnel resources. Only lively museum institutions can raise awareness of the home region and build a bridge between history and the present.


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