Time for reflection

Time for reflection

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From Monday, 10 October, the Niederlausitzer Heidemuseum Spremberg will be exhibiting current paintings by the artist Dieter Gericke. Known regionally mainly as a singing and piano teacher, he presents his talent in the field of visual arts with his painting. Dieter Gericke particularly likes to paint in the oil glaze technique. In the glazing technique, thin layers of paint are laid on top of each other, comparable to watercolour painting, creating transparent but intensely luminous areas of colour. This technique is only something for patient artists who also largely dispense with the "handwriting" of the brush. Apart from exceptions, the layers can only be painted over already dried layers of paint, so that the pigments do not mix uncontrollably. The exhibition features 26 paintings, some of them large-format, which the artist has selected from his many paintings. The current series of paintings, mostly portraits, is characterised by an exceptionally sensitive and sensual handling of the painterly duct. Interested visitors can immerse themselves in Dieter Gericke's artistic world until 31 March 2023.

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