Klein Kölziger Ziegeleibahn e.V. becomes "Association of the Year 2022

Klein Kölziger Ziegeleibahn e.V. becomes "Association of the Year 2022

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The Sparkasse Spree-Neiße nominated the Klein Kölziger Ziegeleibahn e.V. association for the 2022 Entrepreneur Award of the East German Savings Bank Association (OSV) and the magazine "SUPERillu" in the category "Associations".
This award is intended to honour registered associations that can demonstrate special achievements with high social and regional significance through the voluntary commitment of their members and that stand for a lively association life.
After the nomination, representatives of the association were given the opportunity to present their work to a jury in Potsdam. After other applicants had also presented themselves, the panel of representatives from savings banks, chambers, municipalities and the media then made their decision.
The winner of this year's Entrepreneur Award in the category "Association of the Year" is....lautes Feldbahntuten....the Verein Klein Kölziger Ziegeleibahn e.V. The award ceremony took place on 17 November 2022 in Potsdam at the Entrepreneur Convention of the East German Savings Banks Association. The association can be more than proud of this award, as it is an official recognition of the work and commitment of all association members over many years, which has not always been easy, and of course also of the many helpers and supporters of the association and the museum.
Thomas Heinze, member of the board of Sparkasse Spree-Neiße, said: "With great joie de vivre and passion, the association is committed to the reconstruction of the historic brickworks railway and the preservation of the old brickworks. For us it is very impressive how the small association is not only committed to preserving the unique history, but even makes it possible for generations to experience it again, it connects the past with the present and the future with great ideas."

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