Mühlenverein "Hornower Mühle e.V." / Młyńske towaristwo "Lěšćański młyn z.t."


Motor mill with technology of the 50s

Building / plot situation

The mill in Hornow (Spree-Neiße) is a special specimen - at its core a trestle windmill from 1787, which was converted into a motorised mill in 1929/30. During the years of standstill, the owners always managed to procure the necessary materials and funds to maintain the mill structure. The mill shell was completely renovated in 2010 along with windows and doors.


The Hornow mill is one of the very rare examples of a completely preserved plant from the early period of the transition from the artisanal windmill to motor-driven operation. On display is a motorised mill with technology from the 1950s for grain processing as a two-passage system. All the machines and equipment have been almost completely preserved, e.g. the device for cleaning the grain, the millstones, the roller mills, the elevators and the plansifter.


"Hornower Mühle e.V." / "Lěšćański młyn z.t."
Spremberger Chaussee 2
OT Hornow / Lěšće
03130 Spremberg / Grodk

Phone: 035698 - 72037
website: www.muehle-hornow.jimdofree.com

Opening hours
Guided tours and mill visits by prior appointment by telephone

Adults: € 2.50
Reduced: € 1.00

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