Cloth and man-made fibres at the "Gubener Tuche und Chemiefasern e.V." (Guben Cloth and Man-Made Fibres Association)

The project participants visit the exhibitions on the "History of the former chemical fibre factory" and "History of the Guben clothiers". A film about the history of Guben is shown and the pupils can prove their knowledge in a quiz in both exhibitions. There will be an award for the best. If desired, a grilled sausage and a drink will be served at a cost of €2.00.

These working materials must be brought along:
Writing materials, e.g. coloured or felt-tip pens

The offer takes place indoors and is aimed at schoolchildren.
of classes 3 to 10.
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: at least 3 days in advance
Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
Group size: 8 to 25 people
Contribution towards expenses per person (for materials etc.): € 2.00

Complementary offers:
A visit to the educational garden and the apple tree gallery on site is possible. In addition, a photo shoot with historical coats and/or on the electric tractor is possible.

Of course there is also the competition "Who paints the most beautiful Kobi"?

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