German-Lower Sorbian word list

the bilingual settlement area

Sorbian/Wendish in the museums

The district of Spree-Neiße is characterised by the historical settlement area of the Sorbs/Wends. In Brandenburg, the proportion of Sorbs/Wends in the total population is less than one per cent. Nevertheless, they are known throughout the state. Not least because of their rich folklore and mythology.
The essential feature of Sorbian ethnicity and identity is the Sorbian language. Lower Sorbian (dolnoserbšćina) is spoken in Lower Lusatia and Upper Sorbian (hornjoserbšćina) in Upper Lusatia. In the Sorbian settlement area in Lusatia, bilingual place-name signs and designations on public buildings in German and Sorbian are noticeable.
The museum institutions of the Lusatian Museum Land have taken it upon themselves to design their exhibitions bilingually, in German and Sorbian. To help you, you will find corresponding word lists here.

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