Exhibition about Johann Friedrich Fritze in the Protestant Church Kolkwitz

The exhibition pays tribute to the life and work of the Kolkwitz pastor, writer and demographer Johann Friedrich Fritze (20.09.1747 - 15.01.1819) in text, images and sound. He was the first to translate the Old Testament into Lower Sorbian and had it printed largely at his own expense. The exhibition is complemented by portraits of important contemporaries. To the left of the entrance are the graves of Pastor Fritzes and his daughter-in-law Eleonore Auguste, née Elsasser. The original gravestone of Pastor Fritze in the Wendish language is in the exhibition room. In the church, two wooden panels under the right gallery provide information about the history of the Niedersorben / Wends.

The offer takes place indoors and is aimed at pupils in grades 1 to 10.
Dates: by arrangement
Pre-registration: 2 weeks before at the latest
Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Free admission / donations are welcome

The church is open daily, but it is not possible to visit the exhibition during church events.

Fritze Museum Protestant Church Kolkwitz

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