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Living museum facilities build a bridge between history and the present.

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Every project lives from people who are enthusiastic about it. People who are committed to culture and the museum.

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New strategies, modern technology and functioning networks...

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News from the working group

Easter in the Lusatian Museum Land 2024

As every year, the museums of the "Lusatian Museum Land" are planning special events and exhibitions for Easter. The focus is on Sorbian Easter eggs with their elaborate decorations and original colours, which are created using various techniques.

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International Museum Day will be celebrated on 19 May 2024!

International Museum Day will take place for the 47th time in 2024. The aim of the day of action is to draw attention to the thematic diversity of the more than 7,100 museums in Germany and museums worldwide. The guiding principle of Museum Day is therefore Discover Museums.

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